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Why your society needs to download the My EG app

England Golf iGolf
England Golf iGolf

Golf societies have long been made up of players who are golf club members and those who are not. As we all know, this creates challenges for society away days because some have ‘official’ handicaps, whilst some do not.

Ask any keen society golfer – it’s an issue that constantly needs resolving.

But bringing a golf society together is now a much easier process. No surprise, it is down to a combination of big picture thinking and digital technology. England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England, launched its My England Golf app (My EG) in late 2020 – and it is the definition of a box ticker for society golfers.

For non-members of a golf club, the new iGolf subscription platform, available through the same My EG app used by golf club members, is a game-changer. No more arguments over handicap ‘guesstimates’!

By joining iGolf for an annual fee of £40, golfers can access the app, obtain an official Handicap Index, convert this into a Course Handicap at the venue they are playing and enjoy a fair and equitable game.

They also receive £10 million of personal liability cover as part of the subscription – a vital safety package for any golfer.

It’s a simple process for those in your society who are not already members of golf clubs:

  • Sign up for an iGolf subscription and access the My EG app
  • Input scores from pre-registered general play rounds, played in accordance with the Rules of Golf and Handicapping
  • Obtain an official Handicap Index based on actual score returns
  • Play equitably alongside golf club members using the same system of handicapping at any rated course in England

Available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the app effectively brings every single member of your golf society together under one roof.

Golf club members in England already have access to the app, where they can view scores from club competitions and input scores from general play rounds.

Non-members of golf clubs who subscribe to iGolf can input scores from rounds played with other subscribers or golf club members according to the Rules of Golf and Handicapping. Based on these scores, an official Handicap Index will be calculated. If all non-club members have signed themselves up to an iGolf subscription, then each society member will be able to access their official Handicap Index via the My EG app.

The app is part of England Golf’s extensive education process to provide golfers with the information they need to understand key elements of the new World Handicap System (WHS) that was launched across England in November 2020.



“The My England Golf app will help golfers around the country to keep track of their new Handicap Index as it updates after every score is submitted,” explained Gemma Hunter, England Golf’s Head of Handicapping & Course Rating. “Using the calculator function through the app will also make it far easier and quicker for golfers to work out what their Course Handicap will be for a certain set of tees at a specific golf club on any given day.

“The team at England Golf is delighted to be able to bring this new app to golfers, and we are confident that it will make the transition from CONGU to the new WHS a much smoother and easier process for golfers around the country.”

Golfers now have more flexibility when it comes to recording scores for handicap purposes from either nine-hole or 18-hole social rounds in accordance with the rules. The ease of which you can add general play scores gives you a more complete and accurate record of your playing ability, which is great news for societies.

The Course Handicap calculator is just one of many unique features of My EG. This function allows golfers to cross-reference their Handicap Index with whichever set of tees they will be playing from on a particular day, for any course in the country, to calculate their Course Handicap. By comparing Course Handicaps, golfers can determine how many strokes they receive from, or give to, playing partners. Members can also create a ‘Friends’ group, which is hugely beneficial for societies.

The integrity of the handicap system is protected by geo-location technology, time lags on score input and score verification by a playing partner who must hold a WHS Handicap Index. For those who do not know, the WHS unites six handicapping bodies across the globe under one standardised system. This allows handicaps to be truly worldwide for the first time. It is designed to be a fairer and more equitable system of accurately calculating your current playing ability.

To make the most of the new WHS and ensure that your golf society is playing together under one roof, encourage all members of your society to download the My EG app and register here.

To find out more, and to subscribe, log-on to

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